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HELP IS HERE !  Are you visiting our site because you're experiencing something unexplained ?   It's ok, we've experienced a lot of those things ourselves.  You're not alone in your struggle and BMP will be with you from start to finish.   You've got a friend with us.

We are a Team of Professional Paranormal Investigators  ( Ghost Hunters ) located in Orlando, FL.  Our Team will conduct an Investigation, gather evidence, determine the cause, and offer a solution.  We don't use Ouija boards or conduct séances.  ( Blood Moon Paranormal was founded on Christian faith and principals.  This Team belongs to God and only him do we trust and operate ) 

This is NOT A GAME the Ghosts are REAL and nothing to mess with.  Do not go investigating by yourself as this can open up more trouble.  These things can make your life a living hell, and cause illness, so let us deal with them.  We are also here to counsel and educate the public about the dangers of the paranormal.  

We've been seen and interviewed by Miami Ghost Chronicles, YouTube, RIP Podcast and host our own Facebook live show titled : Paranormal Corner.

Proud Members of the National Paranormal Society and Paranormal   

Also find us on with background check, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Many blessings,

Rev. Connie Meckes, Ordained Minister, Founder,Director, Home Blessings, Counseling

Founded in 2015




Connie is the Founder of BMP " Lady Shaman " and is currently studying Demonology and Spirit Attachments. She has assisted in Exorcisms and a Spirit Sensitive. She can see and hear spirits and has a no fear approach. Also co-exhists at home with a famous human ghost :) who tags along on most of the investigations apparently to keep her safe. Her interests are music, traveling and her faith. Connie also finds open/close portals 

John is the backup for Connie plus Lead Investigator and Trainer.  John has never missed an Investigation. He's super sensitive to spirit energy ( Empath ) and shows absolutely NO FEAR !  John has received a lot of attacks in the form of scratches because he doesn't back down.  John wants to learn more about psychics and demonology.  He has also assisted on Exorcisms.  John has a site on Facebook titled Paranormal Corner. One of his hobbies is collecting Haunted Dolls and Objects.

Peter Kennel aka Shaman, Native American Church Pastor, Professional Psychic Medium who's a major part of BMP.   He handles Exorcisms, Past Live Regression and Severe Cases as well as Consultations.  Has Guest Starred on Destination America show " Kindred Spirits, titled Native Roots to rid clients of a Native American Spirit.  His office and church are located in Cassadaga, FL 407-417-1679

Doug is Dowser aka uses a Dowsing Rod and is a expert yachtsman and keyboards.  He has a strong love of the ocean, music, cars and cats.  Doug assists on a lot of our west coast cases.  Doug has learned how to close portals and is Connies backup.  

Tony has been with the team since day 1.  He enjoys taking videos, pics and capturing evidence.  Tony enjoys music, and learning more about spiritualism and shamanism.  He guest starred on MTV Oddville as a gothic belly dancer in the 90's. 

Eddy one of our newest Members brings his expertise of the Occult and Spirit Communication.  He's also a strong psychic.  If Eddy is called you know we suspect a dark spirit.

Sam and Kevin are new members.  Sam is our Historian and Kevin is excellent on spirit energy.  Sam enjoys history and collecting.

John P is an excellent Investigator and also shows no fear approach.  He seems to be a ghost magnet and has encountered many apparitions.  John was an ex cop and we're proud to have him on our team.  Straight forward and funny :)   Enjoys cars and horses 

Gary is an Empath Sensitive Psychic who can see the sprits.  He is wonderful with evps and spirit communication. Gary enjoys writing songs guitarand singing .

Ricky Rick is a very outgoing creative Investigator.  He is a sensitive and great at going in dark rooms .. His interests are family, food and entertaining 

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